Top 5 Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

If you're a dog parent to a pup that loves to chew, you know that chew toys are not all created equally.  You understand the immense struggle of finding a toy that lasts. These 5 will keep dogs entertained while lasting a long time. Say goodbye to toys that break as soon as your furry friends sinks their teeth into it. Say hello to your dog focusing on a task that will keep them busy. Examples include toys that allow you to stuff treats into them, puzzle toys, or toys with squeakers. Everyone knows that dogs love (or hate) the squeakers that come inside toys! 

The first toy on our list is the infamous Rubber Screaming Chicken Dog Toy! This toy is a classic toy that emits a screaming sound that dogs can't get enough of. It keeps them busy because they have no idea where it's coming from. These toys are selling on Rufus Dog Shop for just $9.99. They come in a large 15-inch size! Perfect for any dog breed.

The second toy on the list is a Bite-Resistant Chew Bone. This chew bone promotes dental health, strong gums, and clean teeth. The spiky design gets in between a dog's teeth and cleans the whole mouth. The material is non-toxic and safe to chew! 

The third toy on our list is the Interactive Natural Rubber Ball Chew Toy Food Dispenser. This is a toy that every dog should have, as it offers a reward. Dogs love a challenge, so when they can get to the center of this dog toy, they know that their will be treats inside! Load it with peanut butter, kibble, or for a longer task for your dog, fill the toy with broth or yogurt before sticking it the freezer overnight! 

Fourth on the list is the Toss and Tug Rubber Ring Toy. Give your energetic floof a durable toy optimized for extra-tough tossing and fetching with the Toss and Tug Rubber Ring Toy. It’s built with special, high-performance materials like thermoplastic rubber to withstand hours of action-packed play, making it the go-to toy for even the most active pups. Your pal will love chasing after it for hours on end.

Last but not least is the Interactive Rubber Chew Gourd Toy. Basically a Kong, this toy is more affordable and services the same purpose, but is designed better because of its gourd shape. The skinny neck and the slender middle part of the toy make it harder for dogs to get treats, making the task twice as fun for your pet!

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