5 Things You Need for Camping Trips With Your Dog

Your pup is a member of the family, and she loves the outdoors! Being prepared is key for a stress-free and fun trip. Also, you don't want to overpack, knowing exactly what to bring will facilitate the experience. Only bringing the essentials for your pup will make your load lighter and more effective. 

The worst thing is arriving and realizing you forgot something, a detailed list helps us stay organized and pack smart. Make sure enough food is packed, remembering that a dog adventuring more than normal may need more than usual. Easily give your dog water or food with the Collapsible Dog Water Bowl With Keychain while you're hiking and on the go. 

Remember to pack appropriate safety and first aid gear for your trip. Research the wildlife in your area ahead of time to know how to safely handle an encounter. Let family and friends know where you’ll be camping if you’ll be camping off the grid. The Dematting Double-Sided Pet Hair Comb is perfect for removing ticks and pesky insects that might've made their way into your dog's fur. The teeth of the comb are close together and remove any unwanted critters.


Poop bags or a shovel are very important to add to the list. Pack it in, pack it out or bury it, but don’t leave it behind, especially near bodies of water or high-traffic areas. It's important to be considerate of everyone and pick up after your dog. Scented Dog Waste Bags Refill are perfect for putting inside of Poop Emoji Dog Waste Bag Dispenser Holder and hook it onto your backpack for easy access.


For those calm nightly strolls out to see the moon on the lake or see some stars, the LED Glow Dog Collar is perfect for keeping track of your dog. 


When riding back home with your pup she might be filthy from all the nature around her. Make sure your car won't get damaged with the Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover Protector. It's perfect for protecting your car and keeping your pup right next to you. 




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